October 23, 2020

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Football 2020

Freshmen Trent York and Mariah Reamer

Juniors Joel Gooch and Jenna Brown

Seniors Louis Monik and Mady Millspaugh

Seniors Riley Ferguson and Hollie Kouns

Seniors Reece Simpson and Lexi Jones

Seniors Ty Buell and Bailey Bollinger

Sophomores Ty Hartman and Lilie Mace

Tennis 2020

Football Seniors 2020

Fall Homecoming Candidates 2020

Senior Cheerleaders 2020

JV Cheerleaders 2020

Varsity Cheerleaders 2020

Homecoming Court 2020

Cross Country 2020

Golf 2020

Queen Hollie Kouns and King Riley Ferguson

Volleyball Seniors 2020

Cross Country Seniors 2020

Golf Seniors 2020

JV Volleyball 2020

Varsity Volleyball 2020

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